Vésteinn Gauti Hauksson


Vésteinn has been in the advertising industry in Iceland for almost 20 years with a brief visit in banking. His experience ranges from print, radio, online and TV sales to out of home. He became CEO of Billboard Iceland as a startup in 2016, then the only staff member. Vésteinn has been a data driven leader with deep market research insight for the past 10 years, basing sales on research and data.

With only two digital screens in the beginning of 2017 Billboard has revolutionized the outdoor market in Iceland by installing digital screens where there were static faces before. Digital/static ratio is over 50% of Billboard´s inventory of 700+ faces.  This has helped the OOH total market share to grow from 2% to 8% in just a few years.

Billboard´s aspiration is to reach 15% of total advertising spend in Iceland by the end of 2025.